Friday, 20 September 2013

Meeting Light

On the sacred hill,
in Your temple,
when heaven and earth open 
and our beings unite
in Love and service for all

Your Light and Power manifest visibly,
leaving indelible trace in my soul -
for the eons to come,
and few broken words,
which were not able to hold 
full force of Your unbounded energy,
nor to express the real meaning  
of the simple Wisdom -
of Your ever-present and all-encompassing Love.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Halls of Light

Clear and bright,
Full of light and lightness,
Full of joy and happiness,
Free of delusion,
Free of descriptions,
Free as Freedom.
 What an auspicious confluence with your brilliant flow,
O, Eternal, irresistible Spirit!
How immeasurable Your mercy is,
How great Your power and
How perfect Your Love.

Your perfection outshines everything;
With only one wish surviving this powerful stream,
to dedicate to You - unwavering Light of lights,
now and always,
our utmost devotion and gratitude,
for opening these glorious 
Halls of Light.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Spirit of the Valley

Abiding in never-ending perfection of the moment,
in the equilibrium of the soul,
its empty radiance in endless extension,
spreads from the wellspring of the supreme tranquility,
reaching everywhere and fulfilling everything.

Yet, it is beyond ordinary power of magnetic attraction of the creatures,
by will and desire.
Belonging to the higher order,
circulating everlastingly in the spheres of pure astral fire,
it comes in only when ports of being open from inside and
when It can merge with the similar vibration in harmony, 
with purified flame of the hearth of the house of the soul,
erasing forever borders between inside and outside. 

It comes in when the valley of the heart opens -
 clear and sweetly fragrant,
filled with silence,
 in waiting for the illumination of the Spirit.   

„And the hand of the Lord was upon me there; and he said, 
Arise, go forth into the valley and there I will talk with you.“

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mysterious Isle

Where it comes from?

From heaven or from earth?

From the sea or from the air? 

Is it in the wind or in the waves? 

From where this magic comes from? 

From which direction this experience unfolds? 

From inside or from the outside? 

How beautiful these shades of color blue can be?
How open and blissful state of mind can be?
How deep can be feeling of connection?

How inseparable all elements are here, 
heaven from earth, 
me from Mystery. 

It seems that your gorgeous cliffs and every piece of your ancient stone,
as every drop of the water evaporating in the air,
radiate silent power reflecting some part of the human soul. 
But also your dark corners, passages, holes and caves - send out part of the message -
to be taken into account
And every plant and animal met on the way,
and every hot and cold touch, smell and sound -
add to the impression and meaning,
in a most intimate way.
As the experience unfolds, as mystical union deepens, 
as my breath becomes indistinguishable from your breath,
thankfulness arises and awe grows - how timeless our alliance is, 
how incredible mirror you are, 
how - no matter what comes and goes, 
there is and will always be such great, alive messengers like you -
of the one undeniable power of Divine.