Monday, 30 September 2013

Sword of Love and Truth

May our prayer be real consecrating force,
may it be again as it was meant to be;
May that precious gift handed to us,
directly from Your primordial Word, from Fohat,
be again real transforming agent.  

May it be again most powerful ritual,
liberating soul directly and instantaneously,
from all obstructions and negative influences

May words from our open heart remove everything 
that still divides our Light from Your Light.   

May our words, in accord with our deeds,
bring powerful, liberating consequences,
till we are again living fully in great freedom,
absolutely aware of our eternal unity. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Spirit of Love

From silence arising,
glow of soul spreads its warmth,
and under invisible Light of eternity,
in luminous clarity,
transparent flower unfolds gently.
It is Spirit of Love flourishing itself,
in purity of heart and mind united;
It is Spirit of Love itself,
shining beautifully
in the open space of awareness;

It is fragrance of Spirit of Love itself,
embracing heart and mind, gracefully;
It is breath of Spirit of Love itself,
filling silently, but inevitably,
this open space of awareness.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Praise to the Spirit

„Jerusalem of gold and of bronze, and of light,
behold, I am the lyre for all your songs.“
Alive and shining brilliance 
of every clear and open moment,
uncontrived and unmodified,
effortlessly recognized, 
reveals more and more,
 of Your pure-gold preciousness,
which is sparkling essence of all essences, 
glowing heart of all hearts.

Your eternal, ever-propagating, flawless radiation 
is primal carrier and sustaining force of every animated, 
every breathing, every pulsating thing and being,
yet staying forever in itself, free and uncontained.

Your limitless, intelligent potential creates 
 in every instant new heaven and new earth -
new state of life,
and new imperishable dwelling descends, 
adorned and ensouled with and out of - Your substance. 

Your magic is revealed beyond causes, without conditions,
pervading open mind and heart spontaneously,
deleting all errors and correcting all malfunctions.    

Even further, all multitudes are displayed as obviously 
indivisible, forever one in You.
Because You encircle everything as single, primordial
universal symbol of itself, of real reality. 

And all countless songs combine in accord,
in one, love song to You, 
without beginning, without end,
as You are the beauty of all beauties, 
glory of all glories, power of all powers.  
The wells are filled again with water,
the square with joyous crowd,
on the Temple Mount within the City,
The shofar rings out loud.

Within the caverns in the mountains
  a thousand suns will glow,
we'll take the Dead Sea road together,

that runs through Jericho.

Jerusalem of gold and of bronze, and of light,
behold, I am the lyre for all your songs."
Jerusalem of Gold

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

High above

Come, come in the Temple of Light and open, open your being for the Light,
open, open your heart for the power of Love,
and set, set the star of your soul free!
Fear not, 
the One who calls you is faithful,
He will keep His promise,
fear not!
Spread, spread your wings, 
dear soul and
fly, fly like sacred falcon Horus,
high, high above the earth!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Gospel of Soul

In the Gospel of Soul, 
written by the Spirit itself,
there are no words nor instructions,
no kind of worldly events, 
nor descriptions;
yet, it exists;
protected from any corruption in time and space, renewing itself continuously. 
Immaterial in nature it may manifest materially in various ways when and where needed. 

Concentrated power of its invisible radiation is indestructible and 
touches everyone, 
but it is readable only for those willing to apply it unreservedly;
To those who unconditionally open their being to its gentle Light, 
but also to its mighty Fire;
To those who give up their own will  -
for the singular will of the Holy Spirit and 
who tread in the depths of the sacred silence,
where hidden underlying of the universal life is revealed; 
This mighty Gospel bestows clarity and wisdom -
to those who want to share it freely with all.
It shows the way of Light -
to those who have courage to ignore hopes and fears, 
and tread into the unknown in absolute self confidence,
with unshakable faith in spiritual guidance;
It empowers with the power of Light - 
those who know that life path unfolds in unpredictable way, 
but in accordance with the divine plan for the whole and
that the real Temple of God is and can only be built -
from the living building blocks.
So the Gospel of Soul unfolds as a living book, 
as actual and immediate power of Divine Love -
to be used by bold souls who are ready;
Ready to be really baptized - 
with the living water of One source of all Life,
ready to die for old life in darkness and rise again in Light -  
as an immortal Spiritual Soul.
Amen, yes, Amen. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Every moment keeps the precious secret of the enormous power, 
of tremendous, inexhaustible and inherently beneficial energy,
which can be unlocked and unbounded -
by simplicity of pure abiding in clarity of open space - of consciousness - as it is. 
It triggers powerful stream of Light, of Wisdom and Love united, 
consecrating whole life, 
which begins to bloom spontaneously in its own natural perfection. 

Thus with code of freedom decoded, windows on the house of Soul open wide and 
Soul beholds the beauty of its original life filed - Kingdom of pure Light,
and all obstructions, all at once, melt in sheer delight.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


May the inmost Human Spirit become obvious and its Light visibly reflected 
from the inside out,
via awakened heart!
May its radiation like most subtle flower fragrance be widely spread!
May the Spirit's own nature be recognized in every moment, 
in every breath and continuously;
as pure purity - like of the purest dew, 
as clear clarity - like of the clearest day,
as bright brilliance - like of the illuminated sky! 
May the human soul be redeemed,
in the body of Light, 
for all Eternity! 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Meeting Light

On the sacred hill,
in Your temple,
when heaven and earth open 
and our beings unite
in Love and service for all

Your Light and Power manifest visibly,
leaving indelible trace in my soul -
for the eons to come,
and few broken words,
which were not able to hold 
full force of Your unbounded energy,
nor to express the real meaning  
of the simple Wisdom -
of Your ever-present and all-encompassing Love.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Halls of Light

Clear and bright,
Full of light and lightness,
Full of joy and happiness,
Free of delusion,
Free of descriptions,
Free as Freedom.

What an auspicious confluence with your brilliant flow,
O, Eternal, irresistible Spirit!
How immeasurable Your mercy is,
How great Your power and
How perfect Your Love.

Your perfection outshines everything;
With only one wish surviving this powerful stream,
to dedicate to You - unwavering Light of lights,
now and always,
our utmost devotion and gratitude,
for opening these glorious 
Halls of Light.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Silent Benediction

It came unexpectedly.
Descending from the unseen regions,
above the highest mountain tops, 
behind the distant and cold realms of immense, white glaciers,
from the hidden abode of the Light of the world,
as in just one spread of invisible, mighty wings;

And It came down silently. 


And silence came upon the whole field,
gentle, but profound, even substantially perceptible in its insubstantiality.
Firstly touching, than embracing and uplifting everything in its strong hold; 
Standing in itself without any support,
extending without limits, in all directions and dimensions.    
And peace and serenity suffused the field, 
releasing like fragrance, feeling of timeless freedom and great joy.
And everything was coming out of that silence,
returning back to it; 
As one seamless, dynamic landscape,
unfolding from one eternal fountain,
as one weightless filed of life, 
one unobstructed and ceaseless refraction of Light.