Monday, 23 September 2013

Gospel of Soul

In the Gospel of Soul, 
written by the Spirit itself,
there are no words nor instructions,
no kind of worldly events, 
nor descriptions;
yet, it exists;
protected from any corruption in time and space, renewing itself continuously. 
Immaterial in nature it may manifest materially in various ways when and where needed. 

Concentrated power of its invisible radiation is indestructible and 
touches everyone, 
but it is readable only for those willing to apply it unreservedly;
To those who unconditionally open their being to its gentle Light, 
but also to its mighty Fire;
To those who give up their own will  -
for the singular will of the Holy Spirit and 
who tread in the depths of the sacred silence,
where hidden underlying of the universal life is revealed; 
This mighty Gospel bestows clarity and wisdom -
to those who want to share it freely with all.
It shows the way of Light -
to those who have courage to ignore hopes and fears, 
and tread into the unknown in absolute self confidence,
with unshakable faith in spiritual guidance;
It empowers with the power of Light - 
those who know that life path unfolds in unpredictable way, 
but in accordance with the divine plan for the whole and
that the real Temple of God is and can only be built -
from the living building blocks.
So the Gospel of Soul unfolds as a living book, 
as actual and immediate power of Divine Love -
to be used by bold souls who are ready;
Ready to be really baptized - 
with the living water of One source of all Life,
ready to die for old life in darkness and rise again in Light -  
as an immortal Spiritual Soul.
Amen, yes, Amen. 

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