Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Light Inheritance

"We who met in ages long past and have struggled through the forces of darkness, may now greet the Light, through the liberating deed."
G. Meyrink

Many eons of time with myriads of beings have been passing by,
many knights' armors, swords and lances were forged,
continents were sinking and arising,
temples have been built and destroyed, 
and behind the scene,
there have been one sacred purpose,
one undestroyable intent and effort.
To bring in touch every possible Rose of the heart with the primordial Light,
so they may unfold, so the soul may begin to breathe and live consciously and finally assert themselves fully, connecting body with the Spirit.
Enveloped in endless patience, in endless Love,
such liberating deed was and is conducted,
supported by invisible forces, in the midst of the apparent chaos.
And all who break free from delusion in true Life,
through such deed, maturing in the fire of the Spirit,
join each other, building one living, beautiful and Light-radiating structure, forever.

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