Friday, 27 September 2013

Praise to the Spirit

„Jerusalem of gold and of bronze, and of light,
behold, I am the lyre for all your songs.“
Alive and shining brilliance 
of every clear and open moment,
uncontrived and unmodified,
effortlessly recognized, 
reveals more and more,
 of Your pure-gold preciousness,
which is sparkling essence of all essences, 
glowing heart of all hearts.

Your eternal, ever-propagating, flawless radiation 
is primal carrier and sustaining force of every animated, 
every breathing, every pulsating thing and being,
yet staying forever in itself, free and uncontained.

Your limitless, intelligent potential creates 
 in every instant new heaven and new earth -
new state of life,
and new imperishable dwelling descends, 
adorned and ensouled with and out of - Your substance. 

Your magic is revealed beyond causes, without conditions,
pervading open mind and heart spontaneously,
deleting all errors and correcting all malfunctions.    

Even further, all multitudes are displayed as obviously 
indivisible, forever one in You.
Because You encircle everything as single, primordial
universal symbol of itself, of real reality. 

And all countless songs combine in accord,
in one, love song to You, 
without beginning, without end,
as You are the beauty of all beauties, 
glory of all glories, power of all powers.  
The wells are filled again with water,
the square with joyous crowd,
on the Temple Mount within the City,
The shofar rings out loud.

Within the caverns in the mountains
  a thousand suns will glow,
we'll take the Dead Sea road together,

that runs through Jericho.

Jerusalem of gold and of bronze, and of light,
behold, I am the lyre for all your songs."
Jerusalem of Gold

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