Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ethereal Doves

Serving eternal fire in the Temple of Spirit, 
in unity with Light of all lights, 
like white ethereal doves,
flying freely in and out of the hearts,
we, from the Order of the Sky dancers, 
dance our magical, timeless dance,
as scintillating stars, 
inspiring and calling  
on the path of rebirth of inner, living god, 
on all levels of life.  
We support broadening and clearing of horizons, 
increasing power of true thinking 
and dynamic of will and acting.
Moving through all domains of existence,
we bow down only before the Divine almighty 
on the altar of Divine service,
according to our innermost experience,
of the most powerful power, 
of our common essence - Light of all lights.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

River of Love

Renewing emphasize on the basic state of awareness,
basic flow of consciousness,
which is power of pure energy and  
universally beneficial intelligence, 
Light of the Spirit 
 inevitably shines through,
 illuminating space 
and outshining distorted perceptions and impurities,
making natural perfection of the soul-underlyment of life 
unavoidably obvious; 
And one, eternal, imperishable river of Love -  
always running, always forward flowing, always blessing.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sacred dance

It starts like soft glimmer, 
like promising whisper,
from aglow heart
and open space of awareness
is suddenly embellished with lively play.
Vast fragrant fields 
unfold majestically, adorned 
with most beautiful ornaments,
made from seven sacred elements.
Supporting stability of earth.
Vibrant clarity of water.
Silent embrace of air.
Creative flames of fire.
Bright vastness of space.
Magnetic potency of Light.
Mysterious all-pervasiveness of Love.
All alive, dancing eternally, sacred dance of seven elements, perfectly.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Born in the haven of deepest silence
from the gentle power of Love, 
breathing softly pure Light, 
growing steadily stronger and stronger, 
immortal Soul finally spreads her wings
joyfully reveling her beauty, 
as she soars up in the sky. 
And vast space of the sky
lights up in indestructible brightness, 
as glowing dance of the Soul unfolds
 in endless expanse and lightness.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Divine Breath

In the divine garden, divine roses bloom, 
of divine beauty and of divine scent,
always soothing, always uplifting.

In the divine garden divine fountain chants the divine song with drops of living water, pouring eternally,
reflecting eternally the light of divine,
never-setting sun.

In the divine garden Divinity breaths unceasingly, renewing and purifying everything constantly, 
which in return inevitably
celebrates the divine Love gracefully.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Echo of the Spirit

Between remnants of the great temple pillars,
silent echo of invisible, inaudible force still moves the space and 
keeps the atmosphere pure,
in connection with the radiation of the Spirit. 

Symphony of the higher frequencies of the Light, 
received directly by the soul,
clears the mind and opens heart 
raising the soul immediately higher and higher, 
towards her home.

And from the depth of the heart, 
pervading sacred space between the high mountains, 
from earth to heaven, 
resounds the threefold, resonant reply:

A-m-e-n - in gratitude and joy for the empowerment 
and nourishment of the soul on her journey home;
A-m-e-n - in love and admiration for the timeless persistence 
of the undying activity of the Spirit;
A-m-e-n - in praise for the beautiful place supporting it, 
to reinforce and protect its precious Light-field, 
to keep it alive till the end of time.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Unum Necessarium

Only one thing is needed. 
It is absolutely holy and sacred,
it is eternal and immortal,
it is highest and unique spiritual power,
most divine of all - Love.
When it is awake in the soul and 
able to express itself, 
it empowers everything.
Whatever play counter-forces my introduce in the space of the experience,
however forces of the shadow may sow confusion in thoughts, feelings and perceptions, 
clarity of the soul filled with Love is indestructible and unalterable, 
forever even and equal, 
totally self-protected and invulnerable.

It is already present in the base of all. 
It doesn't have to be built, enacted or brought from somewhere else. 
It is already most powerful queen of life.
It only needs to be recognized, appreciated and let fully and visibly rule in the foreground.
Though it is already unmatched and undeniable ruler, without any possible substitution,
if steady recognition of her all-presence and all-mighty fails,  
sorrowful consequences ensue and
lack of brightness, beauty and serenity unnecessary follow.

Thus Love has to be recognized as unavoidable ingredient 
of every time and place, every here and now flow.
Timelessly stable, without knowing ups and downs, uninfluenced by circumstances,
as they don't exist as fixed and independent from the one life field animated by Love itself. 
Thus only one thing is needful.
Only natural, intuitive recognition of the soul power of Love, 
followed inevitably with its reinforcement and 
beneficial unfoldment of everything else.
Love - unum necessarium.