Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Colors of Life

In blue color of the clear sky, of the sea, of the shiny sapphire
shines symbol of faith. In its mighty and vastness, in its subtlety,
in all intensities and shades which encompass and sustain life. 
In green color of trees, grass, of rivers and lakes, of precious emerald -
precious message of hope is coded. 
Serenely vivid, pacifying and beautiful in all its nuances
continuously emitted, reviving and directing life safely 
in the right direction. Direction of Love. 
Love carried and radiated by red color. 
Color of mysterious ruby, of sacrifice, of the blossom
fulfillment and completion. 
After which comes only pure gold, color of gold, vibration of the Spirit. 
And simple alchemy of omnipresent colors transmits powerful message 
of unceasing development, transformation and life sanctification.  


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