Saturday, 19 October 2013

Echo of the Spirit

Between remnants of the great temple pillars,
silent echo of invisible, inaudible force still moves the space and 
keeps the atmosphere pure,
in connection with the radiation of the Spirit. 

Symphony of the higher frequencies of the Light, 
received directly by the soul,
clears the mind and opens heart 
raising the soul immediately higher and higher, 
towards her home.

And from the depth of the heart, 
pervading sacred space between the high mountains, 
from earth to heaven, 
resounds the threefold, resonant reply:

A-m-e-n - in gratitude and joy for the empowerment 
and nourishment of the soul on her journey home;
A-m-e-n - in love and admiration for the timeless persistence 
of the undying activity of the Spirit;
A-m-e-n - in praise for the beautiful place supporting it, 
to reinforce and protect its precious Light-field, 
to keep it alive till the end of time.

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