Saturday, 12 October 2013

Four Roses

This is a fourfold ode to my four sisters. 

First ode is to highly appreciated, glorious Athena
She is the embodiment of higher mind and pure will for understanding the principles of creation, and putting them into practice, for the benefit of all.
Sword, spear and armor are symbols of her fearless readiness 
to protect and defend noble principles and highest good and 
to deflect anything that may threaten them. 
May the brave spirit of my sister Athena, ancient human guardian, 
open our minds to the stream of primordial Light!

Second ode is to my dear sister
It is her which always moves us to make new, daring steps into the unknown and to break all bonds that try to keep us imprisoned. 
It is her spirit with us when we stand alone in darkness and wilderness and feel no fear. 
It is from her our fierce desire for freedom and unstoppable will to achieve it. 
And from hers empowerment is also that we can radiate loving kindness 
for all living beings and nature.
Thus she undeniably deserves our utmost gratitude!

Next praise must be to my beautiful sister
so sweet and joyful, but with the spirit old as time itself, and even older. 
She is direct descendant of the most powerful power.
Where would we be without her? 
Life would be unimaginable without this lady of inspiration, 
without this irresistible awakener of the heart.  
May her magical and sparkling spirit stay forever alive in our hearts!

And the last praise is to my beloved sister
for doing her task unfailingly throughout all times,
for keeping the fire of longing for our celestial home burning,
for teaching us to descend in the silence of our soul,
for showing us how to pray and to love divine Light.

From here further, this praise can continue only in silence and in deeds.

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