Tuesday, 8 October 2013

In the Temple of Spirit

I was sitting for a long time 
at one of Your beloved places, overlooking the ancient city, 
waiting for You. 
The time was passing by with countless, meaningless perceptions, among which I couldn't notice You, 
and to my bewilderment, 
I couldn't even feel You approaching.
The weather and landscape tried kindly to make me a pleasant company,
but I could think only of You.

Haven't You called me here, to this high place?
Or You meant some other place?
Have I misunderstood the message?
Was it the wrong time?
So I came down, unsettled like the wind itself,
walking and walking around,
and looking for some other place 
where I could still meet You - 
but without finding it.

And suddenly, in an instant, 
in a tiny part of the second, 
we really met. 
We met unexpectedly, yet in a very decisive psychological moment,
deep down, where ordinary can meet extraordinary 
and inner outer.
Yes, of course, we met in the greatest temple of all,
in the Temple of Spirit.

It couldn’t have been otherwise.
And as usual, it was delightful, 
Your vision becoming mine - all of clarity, expanding joyfully;
Your breath becoming mine - all of light and lightness,
and whole experience was stretching itself, 
mildly and brightly,
like the rainbow over the suddenly illuminated sky.

In a unique way, once again You inspired the soul and 
cleared the path in front of her.  
Your magic deleted once again border between us, 
enabling greater understanding of the wisdom,
inherent in our timeless connection. 
Your grace has been shown once again, 
eliciting again deep gratitude, 
increasing Love and renewing devotion.   

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