Thursday, 24 October 2013

Path of the Stars

In every small step we make towards You, o, Eternal Light,  
harmony is revealed and beauty, 
and with every step it unfolds more gracefully, more radiantly.  
And we continue in joy, smilingly, 
because where could fear come from -
when You cover all directions 
with Your Power and Your Love.  
Where could doubt and confusion
come from - when Your Wisdom 
clears the path in front of us.
And we look in ourselves 
and our heart and mind mirror more and more clearly, more and more perfectly - just Your, one, Eternal Light. 

"After long trials and purifications to reach Perfection,
the souls will go back up into the azure. 
Look at that ocean of Ether,  
scattered with islands of fire, 
archipelagos of Light! 
They are the soul stations, from star to star, 
from constellation to constellation, 
up to the bosom of the Father." 
A. Gadal


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