Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sacred Way

Come, meet us at the summit,
where all opposites reconcile permanently and irreversibly;
It is a stunning view from here -
above the broad valleys of humans' confusion and the raising gulf of delusion.

But to join us you will have to climb up
the mountain path passing by the old ruins of outdated conceptualizations, 
limiting descriptions and 
unnecessary reifications. 
As you will climb higher, the breathing will become more and more difficult,
the way more and more rocky and
also the weather more unfriendly. 
But if you continue and spontaneously recognize that it doesn't matter,
you will notice that you don't need to breathe any more and that your steps  don't need to touch the earth.
Than you will be here, at this special place, where unchangeable purity and absolute indivisibility of the Spirit rule.
You will be heartily welcomed and
you will know us as we know you.
You will see with our eyes and 
we will be looking through your eyes.
We will flow down together with the purifying, crystal clear waters of this sacred mountain and we will blow with their mighty winds in all ten directions, 
reshaping completely old world -
into the new one.

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