Sunday, 6 October 2013

Timeless Inspiration

As you go down the narrow streets towards the sea,
with Your heavy armors and swords shining at the noon sun,
nothing is heavy burden for your brave, pure hearts,
nothing disturbs your clear, unmoving minds,
as your fight is not of this world,
though it may sometimes seem so,
it's an earthly reflection,
of pure heavenly Love and Truth.

You know very well your origin and 
your destiny,
you know your glory -
fearless sons of Poseidon,
alive symbols of fortitude.

Sprung from your noble souls,
your deeds have left timeless trace,
to be seen and read in all times,
by all kindred in Spirit,
so they may be also elevated in need,
by the same inexhaustible power.

And from that unfailing empowerment,
this praise is born in gratitude,
and dedicated to you and to the One, 
eternally powerful Spirit,  
our common predecessor.

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