Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Unum Necessarium

Only one thing is needed. 
It is absolutely holy and sacred,
it is eternal and immortal,
it is highest and unique spiritual power,
most divine of all - Love.
When it is awake in the soul and 
able to express itself, 
it empowers everything.
Whatever play counter-forces my introduce in the space of the experience,
however forces of the shadow may sow confusion in thoughts, feelings and perceptions, 
clarity of the soul filled with Love is indestructible and unalterable, 
forever even and equal, 
totally self-protected and invulnerable.

It is already present in the base of all. 
It doesn't have to be built, enacted or brought from somewhere else. 
It is already most powerful queen of life.
It only needs to be recognized, appreciated and let fully and visibly rule in the foreground.
Though it is already unmatched and undeniable ruler, without any possible substitution,
if steady recognition of her all-presence and all-mighty fails,  
sorrowful consequences ensue and
lack of brightness, beauty and serenity unnecessary follow.

Thus Love has to be recognized as unavoidable ingredient 
of every time and place, every here and now flow.
Timelessly stable, without knowing ups and downs, uninfluenced by circumstances,
as they don't exist as fixed and independent from the one life field animated by Love itself. 
Thus only one thing is needful.
Only natural, intuitive recognition of the soul power of Love, 
followed inevitably with its reinforcement and 
beneficial unfoldment of everything else.
Love - unum necessarium.

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