Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sevenfold Prayer

From spiritual Heart, 
from primordial Essence, 
in the center of the ground of Being,
through all layers of creation,
radiant reality of Divine Love 
is gently touching every heart, 
forever so.

May Its sevenfold power 
be revealed and actively manifested 
in and through us.
May Its radiation be our first 
and last impression every day,
May It resound 
through all our thoughts,
May It pervade 
all our feelings,
May It be the basic tone and content 
of all our words,
May It be the moving force 
of all our actions,
May we experience Its nearness 
in our every breath,
May It forever be alive in our heart
and always shine through our eyes.

May the Divine grace constantly increase 
our ability for harmonious co-vibration 
with this most sacred vibration of Love,
so that we may constantly increase 
Its power and living domain, 
forever so.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Golden Way

From golden fields, fields of pure Light,
eternally shining in imperishable brilliance, 
radiation emanates
 and evokes remembrance in human souls,
like gentle call to return -
to once abandoned land, their homeland;
Call to tread on the golden Way, 
still open, still naturally embellished,
with glimmering reflections of first Love, 
still guarded with the Holy Fire, 
burning old ties -
so the ancient link can be restored, 
link with the golden gate of timelessness itself. 
If you hear the call 
and open your heart to its meaning,
you will inevitably find yourself
 on this ineffable, great Way,
transforming and glowing,
remembering and returning
to the glorious, golden fields, 
homeland fields of pure Light.  

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Brilliant Star

With every step we approach You,
we feel Your increasing radiance - Brilliant star, Supreme secret 
above all secrets.
There is no end to this expanding joy
when our soul prepares herself for You.
And when she finally beholds You,
we know - she will light up -
in unimaginable splendor
and whole universe will be set in flame! 
As there is no brighter Light than Yours and there will be no greater joy than ours, no Love like this.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Day

All who walk the Way of Life to the end,
meet You in their own soul,
meet Light pristine, immaculate, 
Light shining through the Word primordial, Word which was and is -
before all thoughts and appearances. 

Whoever meets You  -
ready to open their being 
to receive Your Word,
re-link their destiny 
with Your great vision, 
o, Divine Light. 
And for them really, 
long ago promised, 
New Day, eternal,
breaks finally.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Wings of Light

From pure heart,
like silent space scented,
to Light devoted,
from clear mind, quiet,
in fire of Spirit blazing,
invisible wings are growing
to carry reborn soul,
towards eternal home.

And being beautiful, immortal,
can fly again
on the wings of Light 
and sing again pristine song,
song of Divine delight.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Quiet Heart

On the altar of Light
in the Temple of quiet heart 
Love is worshiped without words.
As within most sacred,
 most beautiful temple,
eternal Truth is praised so
with highest magic, Divine,
in the silence of pure heart.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Absolute purity

Source of immeasurable fulness,
of most beneficial Light radiation,
all mighty rivers and vast oceans 
couldn't contain streams of your Love,
o, Source of ineffable greatness.

Thank You for the incomprehensible power that pours now,
from You in our hearts 
and we find ourselves immersed 
in inexpressible Love,
and bliss of growing unity.
Thanks to your precious gifts, 
from treasure trove of eternity
all thoughts, words and deeds 
are now adornments,
of our own nature, of Your nature,
of absolute purity, bright luminosity
and perfect clarity.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Standing always firm in the centre
of the fiery circle of Spirit,
we stay always encircled 
with Your Light and warmth.

Thus we stay always enveloped
in the sphere of Your Love,
and knowing It as a fact of Life,
It is built in everything we do.

Aware of inevitability
of success of all Your plans,
we stay serene in all circumstances,
we remain calm in all encounters,
as living stones of Your temple,
radiating Your Light-power,
experiencing abundance of Your grace,
timelessness of Your absolute Love.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Golden Glow

From the field of pure Spirit
blissful radiations emanate
and golden dawn arises,
full of golden Light
imbuing with golden glow,
space once covered,
with cold shadow

Faith and hope bloom,
preconditions of real knowledge,
pristine gnosis - predecessor of true Love.
And soul uplifted in a new day 
breathes first breaths of pure Light
and empowered by the primordial, 
golden substance,
remembers her origin, her task
and her first Love, immortal, divine.  

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Morning light, shining bright,
may You reach the heart,
may You awaken immortal seed,
and help it develop 
its inherent might. 
Eternal Light,
may Your warmth melt old ice,
and free the dormant buds, 
longing in dreaming 
about Your dawning. 
Light of all lights,
may You open than
Your golden gates,
for the newly awakened souls,
delicate roses in silent bloom,
may You greet them 
on their way home,
and receive them forever,
under Your magnificent dome.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Like surging great waves we traveled,
through countless eons
together or apart,
crossing hardly surmountable distances,
surviving manifold adversities,
with only one desire in our heart, 
with only one aim in our mind,
like powerful fire, eternally burning,
we passed through many storms,
saving souls from many dangers,
during this long journey, 
started long ago,
predestined long ago,
to end successfully, in great glory,
to close the unholy abyss, to spread Light,
to bring the precious jewels back home, 
in adytum, of our most sacred temple,
still proudly standing on this sacred mountain. 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

White Flower

Through the invisible work 
of Divine Love,  
of the Fire of the Spirit,
in powerful alchemy, 
in resulting light and warmth,
from the myriads of faces, 
of countless beings,
one face - face of the reborn soul,
of fully developed fivefold human being,
becomes distinguishable. 

Though in unfamiliar circumstances
of bondage and confinement,
from the branch of eternal Tree of Life,
from ancient light-sprout,
silently, under new, clear sky,
new soul-life is gently blossoming,
as beautiful flower, white and pure.

Monday, 18 November 2013


Grand, magnificent, 
of utmost importance,
You hide mysteriously 
in most simple, 
in minute details,
with zero pretense, 
without presumptions, 
with absolute transparency
with total ability to stay in Itself,
forever unchanging,
although constantly bursting out,
radiantly, unreservedly giving Itself,
forever alive, irrevocably immortal,
You stay still, unmoving,
never divided, never polluted,
brilliant and indescribable,
unknown, yet unavoidable, 
priceless and perfectly flawless.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


From deep and immense, life giving waters,
realm of peace is gradually forming,
as Light of the Spirit
is again dawning,
through the veils of mist breaking.
And emerging flowers of Love and clarity,
as children of holy serenity
in invisible depths rooted
are beautiful signs
that mild rays of timeless sun,
divine grace carrying,
do really find, do indeed en-live,
once sunk and silent,
but immortal and imperishable,
precious seeds of Great Light.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Radiant, like rainbow goddess,
with golden wings uprising,
soul with Love animated,
just like rainbow goddess,
divine message bringing, 
vast spaces of bright sky spanning, smiling, while to her home flaying.

Radiant, like rainbow goddess,
soul is again breathing,
from pure Light living,
just like rainbow goddess, 
splendid, with Love glowing, 
silent joy emanating
and all open hearts,
all Light-sparks,
to their eternal home calling. 

Friday, 15 November 2013


Rose, fragrant and alive,
imperishable symbol of Love and grace,
of pristine life in primordial sphere,
in Divine garden.

Rose, symbol of immaculate soul,
of beautiful purity unfolding in Light.  
Symbol of timeless potential
of immortal seed in human being.  

Rose, multidimensional flower,
mystic, but with strong, clear message,
subtle, but deeply pervading. 

Rose, like silent remnant of great power,
like mild reminder to open heart,
to let the Light in and follow
illuminated, noble Way of the Rose.    

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ineffable Light

Mysterious, ineffable Light,
may You be the power of our Power,
may You be the Light 
that guide our every step,
may You be the Love 
we ever give and receive.

Light of lights,
may our connection with Your unquenchable source of inspiration 
be always alive,
may You strengthen our awareness 
of our bond with You, 
so that we better understand our task and become more able to sanctify 
our lifes in Your service.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Light Passage

Invisible, yet insurmountable wall 
protects You, 
great power in the middle.
Unsuspectingly ordinary, 
but impenetrable atmosphere 
surrounds You, great fire.
Seven barriers hide Your abode, 
seven veils cover its sacred entrance.
In unimaginable dark depths,
seven times seven light-circles 
guard Your precious treasure.

Unapproachable from any 
of manifold outside directions,
You still keep one way, 
one gate to You always open.
Way of spiritual resurrection
through inner sanctification,
beginning at the gate of the heart,
guided with Your Light,
narrow passage -
 visible, approachable and passable 
only with great, ever greater,
dynamic force of pure Love.