Monday, 25 November 2013

Quiet Heart

On the altar of Light
in the Temple of quiet heart 
Love is worshiped without words.
As within most sacred,
 most beautiful temple,
eternal Truth is praised so
with highest magic, Divine,
in the silence of the pure heart.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Like surging great waves we traveled,
through countless eons
together or apart,
crossing hardly surmountable distances,
surviving manifold adversities,
with only one desire in our heart, 
with only one aim in our mind,
like powerful fire, eternally burning,
we passed through many storms,
saving souls from many dangers,
during this long journey, 
started long ago,
predestined long ago,
to end successfully, in great glory,
to close the unholy abyss, to spread Light,
to bring the precious jewels back home, 
in adytum, of our most sacred temple,
still proudly standing on this sacred mountain. 


Monday, 18 November 2013


Grand, magnificent, 
of utmost importance,
You hide mysteriously 
in most simple, 
in minute details,
with zero pretense, 
without presumptions, 
with absolute transparency
with total ability to stay in Itself,
forever unchanging,
although constantly bursting out,
radiantly, unreservedly giving Itself,
forever alive, irrevocably immortal,
You stay still, unmoving,
never divided, never polluted,
brilliant and indescribable,
unknown, yet unavoidable, 
priceless and perfectly flawless.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Sacred Mountain

O, Sacred Mountain, great protector, 
You are indeed abode of inspiration, 
and You really grant it freely and gracefully.

May we stay transparent for this inexhaustible flow,
and with thankfulness keep our being always open 
for the high charge of this power,
so it can stream always further,
and reach always new hearts. 
May we understand rightly 
what has been given to us 
and be willing and able to give further,
what we have so abundantly received
from Your mysterious source.  

May the mercy and Love,
pouring directly into our hearts
be to our eternal blessing,
in the measure we share it with others.