Friday, 29 November 2013

Golden Way

From golden fields, fields of pure Light,
eternally shining in imperishable brilliance, 
radiation emanates
 and evokes remembrance in human souls,
like gentle call to return -
to once abandoned land, their homeland;
Call to tread on the golden Way, 
still open, still naturally embellished,
with glimmering reflections of first Love, 
still guarded with the Holy Fire, 
burning old ties -
so the ancient link can be restored, 
link with the golden gate of timelessness itself. 
If you hear the call 
and open your heart to its meaning,
you will inevitably find yourself
 on this ineffable, great Way,
transforming and glowing,
remembering and returning
to the glorious, golden fields, 
homeland fields of pure Light.  

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