Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Holy transmission

Only rays of Divine Light 
can reveal inviolable truth,
of ineffable beauty of Life -
resting on unchangeable eternal laws. 
Rays that spread radiantly,
abundantly and intelligently
not knowing deviation, 
distortion or attenuation;
as they pass eternally 
through the sacred amplifiers - 
pure hearts and enlightened minds. 
Space and distance 
have no influence on their strength, 
neither time could play role 
in content of this holy transmission. 
These rays don't bend over obstacles, 
neither they are reflected from them. 
On their mysterious and invisible path 
there are no obstacles, 
there is no case 
in which they could be diverted 
from their mission, 
from intended destination. 
Neither their connection with Source
can ever be engendered.
Such is the nature of eternal laws, 
of the sacred bond 
between Divine Light and immortal human essence. 

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