Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sevenfold Prayer

From spiritual Heart, 
from primordial Essence, 
in the center of the ground of Being,
through all layers of creation,
radiant reality of Divine Love 
is gently touching every heart, 
forever so.

May Its sevenfold power 
be revealed and actively manifested 
in and through us.
May Its radiation be our first 
and last impression every day,
May It resound 
through all our thoughts,
May It pervade 
all our feelings,
May It be the basic tone and content 
of all our words,
May It be the moving force 
of all our actions,
May we experience Its nearness 
in our every breath,
May It forever be alive in our heart
and always shine through our eyes.

May the Divine grace constantly increase 
our ability for harmonious co-vibration 
with this most sacred vibration of Love,
so that we may constantly increase 
Its power and living domain, 
forever so.

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