Friday, 8 November 2013

Temple of Silence

In the silence only, 
absolute silence of soul, 
independent from any sounds, 
call of the Spirit obtains meaning,
calling children of divine Fire,
to proceed on the newly opened way,
to enter into the immaculate, 
clear space of bright Light,
to rise up to the mountain top,
to the sacred place, temple of deep silence, intended for them only 
and to fill it fully,
with their holy essence
self-sustaining fire 
of the immortal Spirit.

O, imperishable, most powerful Spirit, 
may we hear and understand your call,
may our re-emerged souls 
finally meet in Your temple,
in unity with all who carry Your fiery sign,
sign of Cain on the forehead,
and fulfill together our task,
in accordance with ancient, divine plan,
proceeding from glory to glory,

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