Monday, 4 November 2013

Timeless prowess

On an empty, distant island 
Love is walking all alone 
looking for fear.

Wind comes blowing,
Love directing
to the hill top, to the gate
hiding grave and cross 
in a cold solitude standing,
but all of that without fear arousing, 
only ancient remembrance awakening.

And Love empowered, 
even more fearless, 
continues walk, down the hill, 
on an empty, distant island,
with light, inaudible steps.

While dark clouds gather suddenly,
sun masking,
rain drops come softly falling, 
earth touching,
Love calling towards the sea.

 And Love follows patiently, open-heartedly,
and meets big waves of deep sea billowing,
dives in and comes out,
renewed and even more powerful.

Than island surrenders,
bows down to Love
and sky shining again, 
greets her too, smilingly. 

And Love, without ever meeting fear,
 proceeds with her timeless walk,
from victory to victory,
radiantly expanding, 
fearless and unflinching,
with ever greater support,
of all heavenly and earthly elements,
as powerful child 
of great light and mighty fire,
from freedom stemming, 
only freedom knowing,
with unique prowess,
which only Love can have and give.

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