Monday, 30 December 2013

Temple of the Heart

Thank you,
for building this temple for me,
where I can enjoy sitting silently,
where I can feel timeless harmony,
where I can sing and dance tirelessly,
where I am perfectly free.

Thank you,
for creating this precious space,
always full of Light,
always in resonance with my heart.

Thank you,
for creating this special place,
this most beautiful temple,
in your pure, golden Heart.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Temple of Heaven

Standing in the center,
of the circle,
of the large temple,
immovably gazing upward,
at the open space,
of the blue sky,
expanding in unbounded clarity,
released from gravity,
at the same time
falling deeper and deeper,
in never ending
heart opening,
we are reassured -
it's undeniably obvious -
blossoming multiplicity 
never leaves unity,
as all division 
is forever indivisible.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Silent night

In the serene flow,
like mild wind blow, 
in tranquil harmony,
like of the soothing melody,
Light enfolds the heart,
preparing it for the new life. 

And totally unsuspected,
in this gentle silence,
there is mighty presence,
of the Spirit immortal,
guiding and supporting,
mysterious rebirth,
of the most powerful soul state. 
And there is great joy,
in this - unbounded expanding;
in this - souls' awakening;
in this - unique feeling -
in power of Love, silent growing.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


In immense, divine garden -
unlimited space of basic state,
pure forever, bright forever,
fragrant forever, 
we remain eternally together.
Of the same nature, from same ground, 
in the same light we grow,
indivisible, powerful and radiant -
perfect manifestation of divine life.
As flowers unfolding in Love -
for truth, goodness and beauty,
our souls in harmonious unity 
eternally exist,
sharing forever inexhaustible divine gifts.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Secret Treasure

In immense depths, eternally reborn,
we emerge in form, 
directly from formless, to which we again constantly return.
In this sacred, undying play 
perfect knowledge is encoded,
of how to manifest, 
and where to appear in which way. 
We bring always many gifts,
from Dakinis' secret treasure -
magic, subtle, full of light, 
radiant, shining, brilliant and purifying.


Sunday, 1 December 2013


As in one timeless breath,
in stable joy of tranquility,
transcending fixed identity,
flowing freely in spacious luminosity,
diving deeply in the sea of soul, 
letting go and surrendering,
our being appears renewed,
adorned with shining, 
self-illuminated crystals,
gracefully granted Light-gifts 
of expanding clarity and purity,
opening breathtaking view 
to the bottomless depths of the heart,
now obviously inseparable 
from immense Divine Heart,
beating with same, steady radiation of endless and inexhaustible Power of Love.