Monday, 9 December 2013


In a fiery circle bellow the mountain,
mighty glow emanates from our praise,
to the eternal Source ,
in which we stay forever united, 
forever radiating the Truth -
of mysterious singularity of Life 
and of infinite space, full of Light.
"O heart, 'tis you my chief Parnassus are, 
Where for my safety I must ever climb.
My winged thoughts are Muses, who from far
Bring gifts of beauty to the court of Time;
And Helicon, that fair unwasted rill,
Springs newly in my tears upon the earth,
And by those streams and nymphs, 

and by that hill,
It pleased the gods to give a poet birth.
No favoring hand that comes of lofty race,
No priestly unction, nor the grant of kings,
Can on me lay such lustre and such grace,
Nor add such heritage; for one who sings
Hath a crowned head, and by the sacred bay,
His heart, his thoughts, his tears, 

are consecrate alway."
Giordano Bruno

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