Friday, 31 January 2014

Drops of Light

May you be blessed 
by finding you center and ground
in the sphere of radiant
transparent and clear presence;
sphere of eternal light,
full of blossoming seeds of wisdom,
mighty streams of creative power
and mild, soothing glow of love! 

May the primordial reality
of triple alliance -
of wisdom, power and love,
eternally alive in divine macrocosm,
be actively reflected in your own soul
and empower your being from inside out, 
spreading divine harmony,
for the benefit of the whole!  

Thursday, 23 January 2014


I am made of transparent lightness 
with swift flexibility of wind, 
refreshing purity of the pouring rain
and sweet gentleness of the snowflake.

My nature is softly silent -
like of the sleepy valley,
subtly fragrant - like beautiful flower,
but steady and stable -
like huge mountain.

I am timeless,
without past, without future;
I am nameless, one with you;
I am clarity - free in all eternity.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sacred Heritage

Deep down in the darkness
sleeps powerful goddess,
holding precious seed of light
in her silver heart. 

She preserves and protects
sacred, ancient heritage,
gold and silver essences,
of supreme, sublime forces; 
and her body
full of pure creativity -
is just waiting for the right moment,
for successful germination, 
for breeding of conscious light being. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Heart Essence

Fragrance most ravishing and beautiful,
spreads from the heart, open, pure -
the divine breath itself.

And vivid crystal clarity 
is the essence of new being,
which enters through the gate - 
of awakened heart,
permeating mind with silence 
and sublime knowing.

It's soul of immortal light itself,
making bridge to eternity, 
transparent, bright and graceful,
like fresh, sunlit dewdrop,
illuminated and filled,
with warm rays of divine love.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Distilling pristine star-essence,
into bright presence 
and indestructible clarity of basic reality,
surrendering in trust,
to the soft embrace of open space,
like in a deep, mighty sea of silence,
we see every movement -
to be in love enveloped, 
with love permeated,
and than like peacock, 
even when with poison fed, 
our soul is able to thrive evenly,
revealing constantly -
innate power and beauty, magically.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Secret Garden

Beyond mists of time,
beyond manifold veils of illusion,
there is secret garden,
closed, well guarded,
full of life and beauty,
empowering beyond imagination,
were we used to meet often,
were we used to breathe,
in our own atmosphere of light.

Till we come back 
and meet there again,
we have only 
this connection of love in our hearts
and image of this garden in our soul,
vivid, alive,
with the task to spread its sacred power, fragrance and beauty -
wherever we are.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sacred Journey

It is me, calling you,
when strong wind blows,
between the walls,
of the innermost sanctuary,
of Apollo's temple.
Come, don't hesitate!

It is me, waiting for you,
with mild rays of sunshine,
among the high pillars,
of the great temple of Zeus.
Come, before the sun goes down!

It is me, trying to reach you,
with persistent rain drops,
falling on the ancient stones,
of the marvelous Athena's temple.
Don't be afraid, open your heart and listen!

It is me, looking for you,
through many times and places,
 making this timeless, sacred journey,
sent from pure land of divine light,
with the message for your soul,
to come back home.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


In a subtle point,
when presence and absence meet,
unexpectedly, lovingly, 
in transparent spontaneity,
and heart opens -
in deep surrender,
in wholehearted acceptance,
and we breathe in one breath,
than pouring of your grace, 
as emanation of immense love,
makes the light run powerfully
through my soul -
and obviousness -
that we are undivided,
becomes primal center,
of unfolding experience,
with continuous praise of divine,
as unchangeable way of existence.