Monday, 31 March 2014


Thousands and thousands of words
were not enough,
neither the countless flowers
were able,
or would ever be able,
to express all the love for you.

Now I am going into the silence
to express with silence
what I have to.
 I am done with pilgrimages
to far away places;
Where would I ever go anymore -
when the place,
where everything begins and ends,
is in the heart of my own soul.

Here I will stay now,
unmovable, keeping the breath
and waiting for your light 
to fill my soul entirely.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


With cold wind,
among the rain drops hidden,
you came -
from above the clouds, 
in a wavering mantle of silence.

And not before the clouds have gone
and the sky was bright again,
space sunlit
and air warm,
that I were able to notice 
the seed you left,
the transformation it caused,
still not truly estimated,
in its profound effect.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


in pain and suffering,
when it's cold and dark,
same as in a beautiful moments,
in warm and uplifting experiences;

In every instant,
in every breath,
it's a sacred gift of light
to be revealed -
life itself.

Life itself -
in company and solitude,
in all seasons,
at every place,
on all levels -
it's a sacred offering of light,
to be taken thankfully
and formed consciously.

Flowing eternally from one Light,
life was, is and always will be - sacred. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

True Magic

It's magic of love
in light streaming downwards,
towards spirit sparks -
never leaving them,
never forgetting them.
It is magic of love
in longing streaming upwards,
through the souls of spirit sparks,
towards the light.

It 's magic of love 
in striving for unity,
in enduring and overcoming,
and in final enabling of unity;
Unity of soul with soul,
spirit with spirit
and light with light.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Eternal Breathing

In this eternal breathing,
pulsing unceasingly, 
we stay inseparable,
as sun and space. 

And never leaving 
ground of being
we weave constantly 
our own, eternal being.

One with light of our source,
enclosed in ourselves,
we abide yet always,
in mutual sharing;
and we never stop living,
as we never stop loving.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

New Fragrance

Touch of your power 
imperceptibly but constantly,
changes our soul
into unbelievably beautiful,
radiant and fragrant rose.  

Succumbing to your eternal will
in this melting process
we begin to realise -
and to arise,
from the shadow places
into a light-space. 


Illuminated by your grace
immensely thankful
for all your gifts,
in a peaceful breathing
sinking deeper into ourselves,
we feel again
approaching stream of love. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Morning

Come, follow me on this old, forgotten path!

We will traverse various landscapes on the way.
We will walk through the many valleys, 
cross great rivers, climb mountains 
and walk on the shores of great seas and oceans. 

We will encounter many things, 
we will see and hear a lot. 
Until we arrive into the heart. 

Silence will meet us there 
and accompany us to the heart of the heart, 
where we will enter into the sacred temple. 
We will sit there 
by the pond with the lotus flower. 
We will stay there in silence 
till night changes into a new day 
and we will behold how lotus flower opens,
with first incoming rays of the sunlight.

Mystery will be revealed to us 
without words, without thoughts.
And we will stay there 
witnessing how light gradually fills 
the whole sacred space
and how we become 
that lightfull, silent space.  

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Back to You

With every daring step
we make forward,
we come closer,
back to you.

As you are eternal flow,
flowing from itself to itself.
You are everlasting movement,
from eternity to eternity. 

And in boundless All,
where we magically
found ourselves to be,
it is your will
striving through us,
to know itself,
as our real self.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lux in tenebris

Leaving all into your hands,
assured in our eternal connection,
touched by the purity 
of your wisdom words,
received by our own heart,
we made first steps
in spontaneous faith,
trusting that this way,
now without return,
will be forever lit by your light,
till we accomplish our destiny
and arrive really conscious of ourselves,
as souls radiant in love,
into the pure, spiritual domain.  

"God is love, and all who live in love
live in God, and God lives in them."

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


In the holy silence
waiting for light
with open, ready heart
and with prayers
without words,
just hoping 
with trust,
that children of light
will be well and alive,
when the day comes for them
to return, to go home.
In this sacred silence,
when mind stops
looking for the clarity,
which only soul can grant,
may the faithful heart 
receive you guiding light.  

Monday, 10 March 2014

Arabesque of Soul

Human soul is arabesque composed of many, countless soul forces, subtle elements, 
which appear always again in time, till their final fulfillment - combining themselves 
always in a unique way.  
They combine themselves in a unique way around spirit spark, essence of human being which dives through the sea of soul into a matter - through their fine, subtle elements to less subtle, visible elements.

But human spirit, divine, light spark passes only once through the experience of incarnation in matter, except in rare cases.
Spirit, true human, does not reincarnate. 
It passes only once through the experience of incarnation on Earth, or some other planet in material universe, and not in their bipolar nature, but divided - passively, or actively polarized, i.e., like man or woman.
Human concept encompasses manifestations of different visible forms throughout universe. But behind all of them stands prototype of real human being, spiritual essence, 
invisible to material eyes.
Neither the human soul reincarnates, because, soul as separate being accompanying human body does not exist. What reincarnates are only soul particles, soul forces which may carry in themselves traces of past experiences, what is often a base for wrong conclusions that same man/woman has lived before and had those experiences.
But soul as integrated unity only needs to be formed from those constituted elements, from endless soul sea in which human life is unfolding. 

Soul consciousness has yet to be developed, formed around one main principle, pure spiritual self, by integrating all elements, which don’t stay fixed from birth to death of material body. And it makes sense to talk about soul development, about saving soul, as well as of soul's stagnation and even of losing one’s soul.
Once soul is really formed around awakened spirit, true “I”, separate soul elements don’t need to reincarnate, such human being doesn’t leave burden of unrealized impulses to the future generations.
And such humans, spirits conscious of themselves, go further taking with themselves all they were able to build of soul elements during their earthly living and they do not return anywhere, do not repeat anything, but proceed from power to power, from fulfillment to fulfillment.
And further development also means connection and integration of once departed poles, in material man and woman, because real spiritual human, “god” and all spiritual manifestations always include in themselves both poles.
This way and process of development, of arising of spirit, of conscious spiritual being from matter, is always unavoidably accompanied with brotherly help, governed solely by love, 
help of free, spiritual souls.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Divine simplicity

Divine simplicity 
of life's totality 
speaks silently
in the heart,
which shares 
revealed wisdom
with the open mind,
so they may unite
in a powerful harmony
and spread together
wisdom of divine love
in its profound simplicity,
through all eternity. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Kingdom of Reality

From light to light,
from eternity to eternity, 
spreads kingdom of a wide open reality;
real reality of the spirit
to which all souls wander 
which are able to reestablish
their own clarity; 
souls serene and radiant,
in love abiding,
and helping hand grasping;
which comes to them,
like mild rays of the sun,
touching their heart,
from the fulness of pure light.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

All-acomplishing Love

In the radiant substance of the spirit's realm all energies at work in human souls are linked with another. 
And whatever those who are already one with god had once attained on earth, and what they now experience in the spirit, in this way is communicated also to those human spirits in whose eternal self their living god is not yet born. 
See that you make every effort to attain your highest goal already here on earth, but fear not for the souls of those who ere unable to accomplish it in their own day. 
You can however, also offer them your help 
if you remember them with feelings of abiding love. 
They shall one day be united with your own eternal self: within their living god.
One with god shall you than, in yourself, be consciously united with all those whom your own love can embrace. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Gift of Grace

Touched by the hand
of your timeless grace,
our heart attunes
to your divine rhythm
in which you forever
generate yourself
through myriades of being,
in eternal life cycles
of self-perfection.

Touched by the hand 
of your timeless love
our whole being attunes 
to its divine source,
which helps every soul
to mold her being
according to the great potential, 
of greatness.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Pure Reality

In the morning light
your face becomes 
more and more clear,
without adornments,
without distortions,
shining face,
in a sunlit
vast space,
in a loving radiation,
seen with opened eyes
of the soul, 
in eternal light,
of pure reality.   

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Psalm to Light

Dearest light,
there is nothing like you.
Thank you 
for reaching out to me,
for not leaving me.
Thank you 
for sending your radiant rays,
beloved sons, divine helpers,
which keep open 
gates to freedom.  
May all dark forces
be diverted by the power of love,
you planted in us long ago.
May we never separate,
may our unity live now 
in all eternity,
dearest Light.