Monday, 10 March 2014

Arabesque of Soul

Human soul is arabesque composed of many, countless soul forces, subtle elements, 
which appear always again in time, till their final fulfillment - combining themselves 
always in a unique way.  
They combine themselves in a unique way around spirit spark, essence of human being which dives through the sea of soul into a matter - through their fine, subtle elements to less subtle, visible elements.

But human spirit, divine, light spark passes only once through the experience of incarnation in matter, except in rare cases.
Spirit, true human, does not reincarnate. 
It passes only once through the experience of incarnation on Earth, or some other planet in material universe, and not in their bipolar nature, but divided - passively, or actively polarized, i.e., like man or woman.
Human concept encompasses manifestations of different visible forms throughout universe. But behind all of them stands prototype of real human being, spiritual essence, 
invisible to material eyes.
Neither the human soul reincarnates, because, soul as separate being accompanying human body does not exist. What reincarnates are only soul particles, soul forces which may carry in themselves traces of past experiences, what is often a base for wrong conclusions that same man/woman has lived before and had those experiences.
But soul as integrated unity only needs to be formed from those constituted elements, from endless soul sea in which human life is unfolding. 

Soul consciousness has yet to be developed, formed around one main principle, pure spiritual self, by integrating all elements, which don’t stay fixed from birth to death of material body. And it makes sense to talk about soul development, about saving soul, as well as of soul's stagnation and even of losing one’s soul.
Once soul is really formed around awakened spirit, true “I”, separate soul elements don’t need to reincarnate, such human being doesn’t leave burden of unrealized impulses to the future generations.
And such humans, spirits conscious of themselves, go further taking with themselves all they were able to build of soul elements during their earthly living and they do not return anywhere, do not repeat anything, but proceed from power to power, from fulfillment to fulfillment.
And further development also means connection and integration of once departed poles, in material man and woman, because real spiritual human, “god” and all spiritual manifestations always include in themselves both poles.
This way and process of development, of arising of spirit, of conscious spiritual being from matter, is always unavoidably accompanied with brotherly help, governed solely by love, 
help of free, spiritual souls.

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