Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Morning

Come, follow me on this old, forgotten path!

We will traverse various landscapes on the way.
We will walk through the many valleys, 
cross great rivers, climb mountains 
and walk on the shores of great seas and oceans. 

We will encounter many things, 
we will see and hear a lot. 
Until we arrive into the heart. 

Silence will meet us there 
and accompany us to the heart of the heart, 
where we will enter into the sacred temple. 
We will sit there 
by the pond with the lotus flower. 
We will stay there in silence 
till night changes into a new day 
and we will behold how lotus flower opens,
with first incoming rays of the sunlight.

Mystery will be revealed to us 
without words, without thoughts.
And we will stay there 
witnessing how light gradually fills 
the whole sacred space
and how we become 
that lightfull, silent space.  

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