Saturday, 24 May 2014

Every Instant

Every instant comes
with a potential potent gift;
Every instant is packed
with a timeless grace;
Every instant is charged
with the light matter 
of our own soul. 
Thus with every minute and every day,
we are able to become a greater soul
in an abundance of light radiance. 
Thus with every minute and every day,
we are able to become 
more significant part of the light flow 
towards the sea of eternal glow.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Rosa Mystica

May the perfection and beauty  
radiating from the invisible eternity
inspire you
through every visible and audible
symbol and sign.

May the purity and grace 
of divine light
be able to touch you
now and always. 

May the mysterious rose 
guide you and show you 
the door and the way
on which you will release 
the power of your own soul-
power of expanding clarity, 
deep serenity
and love.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Heaven's Dew

In rhythm and rhyme
divine rays 
love to play 
and to reflect
their luminous nature 
 in an audible harmony 
of the immaculate words;
Just like the rays 
of the morning sunlight
enjoy to mirror
their silent brightness
in a pure transparency
of the morning dew.
    Thus elusive, timeless beauty of light
visibly resonates throughout space,
travels and propagates in time,
being able to touch and unite,
many beautiful, kindred and faithful -
souls devoted to One Light.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

In Divine

Every night soul wanders 
in her garment of transparent tranquillity
through divine gardens,
breathing fresh air of divine love,
sitting by the fountain of divine wisdom,
inhaling divine light.
Than empowered, filled with love,
she leaves the garden
and continues her journey 
through various places, 
till her arrival home,
in the lasting abidance, in divine.