Sunday, 24 August 2014

Flower of Joy

May your soul blossom
in a flower of radiant joy!

On a bright green stem,
of divine love,
may the beautiful,
fragrant petals unfold -
soul petals
of serenity and clarity,
deep wisdom,
and spontaneous compassion!
For that unique flower 
of true beauty
you need only to prepare the soil-
firm and rich ground 
of all of your experience
and never to forget
to expose it to eternal light
constantly calling your heart.

Thus you will become a part 
of most magnificent,
sacred garden of blessings
for all humankind.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Spiritual Transformation

Come with me, in the silent garden,
above the sacred city of renewal,
and witness the miracle  -
of your own transformation.
With light heart
and open mind,
one with everything you may encounter -
from earth to sky,
and leaving behind,
everything you believed -
to know and to be,
enter this sacred space,
where being and not-being
coexist happily, eternally. 
Seemingly disappearing, 
yet staying vividly present,
you are just making the inner space free,
free for return of Eternal One, Ancient One,
your one and only, Spiritual Predecessor.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Love of all life,
of primordial light,
may your rays find us today,
here, right now!

May they travel 
through the worlds,
through the space,
through the elements,
to reach our timeless depths!
May they touch and pervade our souls
with silent glance of serenity
reconnecting us gently
with divine rhythm of eternity! 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Rose of Paradise

You transmit faithfully
messages from eternal home,
you preserve its fragrance,
you keep its vibration,
here, far from home.

Rose of paradise,
your beauty and purity are clear reminders,
for all souls longing for eternity.

May our sacred bond
be consecrated in a soul's silence,
in the inner temple of divine presence!

My our prayers radiate from there,
call of eternal love -
for all who long for it,
here, far from home!

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Whole humankind
is living, building material 
for the living, eternal temple
of the Immortal Spirit.

Huge and firm foundation,
high pillars,
shining stones building walls,
carvings and ornaments,
holy altar,
massive and beautiful dome,
everything inside and outside -
serves for the realization
of grand design
of the magnificent temple
constructed by the Masters of Light,
Masters of this Sacred Art of building,
which will appear one day-in a Full Glory.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Song of Light

My heart is Love,
my mind is Truth.

My father is Goodness,
my mother is Beauty.

My brothers are Shimmer and Shine, 
my sisters Brightness and Glow.

We belong to an ancient, 
noble family -
of Primordial Light.

We are always happy
and always smile. 

We excel in warm radiance
and unceasing praise - of Divine Essence.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Deep Well

May all brothers and sisters find this well,
well of silence - sacred, deep;
well of strength and perseverance;
well of love - deep, unshakable!

May we all meet there,
by Your well of light,
well of inner, radiant power!

May we always be able
to find Your guiding light in our heart
and come to this sacred place,
to this silent, fragrant garden,
to meet You with unity
in the depth of our souls!
May we always be able 
to renew our souls on this well,
with this pure, golden radiance of Your love!