Friday, 22 August 2014

Spiritual Transformation

Come with me, in the silent garden,
above the sacred city of renewal,
and witness the miracle  -
of your own transformation.
With light heart
and open mind,
one with everything you may encounter -
from earth to sky,
and leaving behind,
everything you believed -
to know and to be,
enter this sacred space,
where being and not-being
coexist happily, eternally. 
Seemingly disappearing, 
yet staying vividly present,
you are just making the inner space free,
free for return of Eternal One, Ancient One,
your one and only, Spiritual Predecessor.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Song of Light

My heart is Love,
my mind is Truth.

My father is Goodness,
my mother is Beauty.

My brothers are Shimmer and Shine, 
my sisters Brightness and Glow.

We belong to an ancient, 
noble family -
of Primordial Light.

We are always happy
and always smile. 

We excel in warm radiance
and unceasing praise - of Divine Essence.